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Play Therapy...

Play therapy is to children what talk counseling is to adults. At Path of Life Ministry, play therapy supports play as the natural language of children. Through observation and participation, children are helped to make sense of their fears, problems, frustrations and memories.

Materials such as games, puppets, blocks, dolls, crayons, books, and a sand tray will assist children in releasing anxieties, resolving conflicts, learning communication skills, enhancing coping abilities and facilitating other life skills which lead to improved social functioning and self awareness.

Extensive research strongly supports the effectiveness of play therapy in treating most social, emotional, behavioral and educational problems. Some of the childhood concerns treated at Path of Life include depression, anger, ADHD, anxiety/fears, conduct disorders, aggression, low self-esteem, poor social skills, impulsivity, learning difficulties, coping skills issues, handling trauma, grief, and divorce adjustment.

Kathy is a Registered Play Therapist with the Association of Play Therapy. Registered Play Therapists (RPT) are licensed or certified practitioners who have earned a Master's or higher mental health degree, 150 or more hours of specialized play therapy training, substantial clinical and play therapy experience and supervision, and at least 36 hours of continuing education during subsequent three-year renewal cycles.To learn more about play therapy, go to:


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